Northern Forces Assault Tour: Welicoruss and Valkenrag – Łódź

When the earth moves apart, when the clouds thicken and lightning illuminates the bloody faces of the
warriors, when the blood runs cold in the veins and when in the sky Ancient Gods clashed in battle to find out who is mightier –
then Northern Forces attack the Land!

In fall of 2018 the most worthy in their styles bands joined the alliance to present their new anthems to Ancestors and
Gods in 13 Polish cities! Siberian Symphonic Black Metal beasts from Welicoruss is well-known for its incontrovertible furious
live show, beautiful scenery and stunning and unconventional music will present their new program with songs from the upcoming
album „Siberian Heathn Horde“ and of course will play all best hits and the Polish mighty Vikings from Valkenrag already sharpen
their blades and clean armor to defeat you with their songs from the new album!

Do not miss the concert of this alliance of two amazing bands in your city (click on town name):

04.10 Wrocław
05.10 Włocławek
06.10 Szczecin
07.10 Toruń
12.10 Chorzów
08.11 Bielsko-Biała
09.11 Warszawa
10.11 Słupsk
11.11 Gdańsk
15.11 Opole
16.11 Łódź
17.11 S.-Kamienna
07.12 Kraków
08.12 Banská Bystrica (SK)

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